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Using Pauline Oliveros’ Don’t Call them “Lady” Composers as a guide and tracing the roots of the Moog synth heritage in electronic music in the late 60s, we discover some decidedly witchy vibes.
Track List

Jana Irmert – TH/is th/IS real – (Decoy Magazine, Subscription, March 2019)
Wendy Carlos – Air on the G String – Switched-On Bach (1968)
Jean Eichelberger Ivey – […]

A smattering of modern classical and composition dating from 1976 America on Max Schubel’s Opus One label.
The record opens with a version of Alice Shields’ excellent Wildcat Songs. Composed in 1966, it features piccolo and soprano, and while its vocal elements tend towards the operatic, think less Verdi and more Domenico Guaccero as an apt comparison […]


Continuing on where Continuo left off, we have this offering from Jacques Lasry. Though credited mainly to Lasry, as with much of his work, Teddy Lasry alongside Bernard and François Baschet all feature prominently – the former performing several of the pieces, the latter duo engineering the works.
Ignore the horrendously tacky cover (see below) and instead appreciate a […]

In light of my discovery of this album, and its airing on Soundscape on February 5, 2014: I present Krauze‘s excellent and under-appreciated work for Lost & Found.
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I’m sure most of our readers don’t need a history lesson on Yoshi Wada, or the contemporaneous music of his era. Nor should we necessarily review the influences and experiences of Fluxus or Hinduism: as interesting as the conflicts and confluences of the two practices are, that dichotomy has been well-mined for meaning in relation […]