Audio and text archives of Soundscape episodes.

Listen in to Soundscape tonight for our contributers participation in World Listening Day. Details on the music to follow soon. From the World Listening Project‘s press release:
The 2012 World Listening Day happens on Wednesday, July 18th. The purposes of World Listening Day are:

to celebrate different ways we can focus on our soundscape (sonic environment);
to raise […]

Tonight on Soundscape – a selection of love songs better used for purposes other than serenading your loved one(s).
1) Ralph Steadman – “Sweetest Love” – Miniatures – England, 1980
A great one-off by an artist better known for his cartoons and caricatures. Reminiscent of Ivor Cutler.

2) Niobe – “Idly Lovely” – Voodooluba – Germany, 2004
It never […]

A brief post for this one, as its production was slightly rushed, and I am having trouble concentrating. I am typing this during the show, and it appears that the equipment in the control room has gained sentience, realized humans are ruining the planet and is single-handedly attempting to save us all by performing experiments […]

Tonight’s show: Marginal Music During Japan’s Bubble Economy, 1982-1994.
Featuring the world’s most exciting graphics, guest George Rahi, and a bunch of cassettes. The show’s arc begins prior to Japan’s real estate and asset boom, with contemporary classical pieces that are generally strongly influenced by Western music. By the mid 80s, a new optimism has grasped […]

The 2 hour show became an elaborate preview of the Circles of Sleep show at the Western Front this upcoming weekend. This is a collection of droning lullabies, extracted from a broad range of genres, starting with Sound Art (Gordon Monahan) and moving through Soundscape Composition (Hildegard Westerkamp), Minimal Electronica (Dalot), Post Rock (Miracle Fortress, […]