Audio and text archives of Soundscape episodes.

1 – Pärson Sound – ‘A Glimpse Inside The Glyptotec 66’ – Pärson Sound – Sweden, 1966
2 – Unidentified Aka Children – ‘Mo Boma’ – Lullabies and Dream Songs – Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2010
I am not certain, but I belive Mo Boma is a traditional Ba-Benzélé lullaby (the Aka people are a regional […]

A compilation of Soundscape-appropriate (and otherwise) music featuring instruments and sources of sound which vibrationally manipulate the air directly, as opposed to through the use of an intermediary medium, such as a string or speaker cone. AKA the flute show. Except their are also some clarinets, which don’t really count. As well as at least […]

None at all.
1 – Tashi Wada / Marc Sabat – Untitled – Gradient – Canada & United States, 2012
Composed by Tashi Wada, son of Yoshi Wada, played by Marc Sabat – no more need be said.

2 – Coppice – ‘The Purchase’ – The Pleasance & The Purchase – United States, 2012
An amazing duo (Noé Cuéllar […]

Tonight’s show features a review of recent live music events in Vancouver, and previews of artists soon to peform in the city (Patrick Wolf not included).
1 – ON [Sylvain Chauveau, Steven Hess, Pierre-Yves Macé] – ‘I’ – Second Souffle – France & United States, 2007
Sylvain Chauveau will be joined by Joseph Hirabayashi for a performance […]

Subroutines – orchestrated subsonic, bass and baritone music. The tracklist:
1) Drukpa Order – ‘Dung Chen’ – Tibetan Buddhist Rites From The Monasteries Of Bhutan Volume 1: Rituals Of The Drukpa Order From Thimpu And Punakha – Tibet, 197X
2) Toshiya Tsunonda – ‘Drain Hoses’ – Extract From Field Recording Archive #2: The Air Vibration Inside A […]