Audio and text archives of Soundscape episodes.

Ok ok Ok, try to follow this one, as we connect up the raunch of soundscape raunch of:

film’s about films that don’t exist
the origins of film music libraries,
and the language B-Movie film music.

No Problem!
Track List – Berberian Sound Studio – Broadcast (2013)

A Breeze Through The Burford Spur
The Equestrian Vortex
Malleus Maleficarum
Monica’s Fall
Collatina Is Coming
Such Tender Things
Teresa, Lark […]

Brady Cranfield picks some ace new full length tracks focused on acoustic drone.

David Mattatall’s, alter ego DJ Robert Downey Sr. performs a number of rapid fire sessions creating an ear popping show of hotties.

Track List:

Warm Wood – Ghengis Tron
Death Grips feat. Justice Yeldha – Death Grips Is Online
Ridylan – Silly M
Cassette Merchant – No Title
People Like U – Stifled Love
I, Cactu – Green Cactu
070 Shakes – Mirror

Ben’s earworm in a 1952 ethnographic recording by Hugh Tracy, it kicks off his set of contemporary composition.

We join Alex, in the first overview of the Media Art Committees’ Climate Studies commissions.
Aired: 29 May 2019