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Shared archives of musics otherwise difficult to consume.

There’s a foot of snow outside, my turntable has a new motor and I’m seasonally unemployed – that must mean it’s time for some archiving.
There isn’t much information around on Christopher Tree, who also performed under the name Spontaneous Sound. Regardless of one’s opinion on late-20th-century appropriation of a dog’s breakfast of ‘eastern mysticism’, Christopher […]

In light of my discovery of this album, and its airing on Soundscape on February 5, 2014: I present Krauze‘s excellent and under-appreciated work for Lost & Found.
Get it here.

This compilation only recently found its way into my collection (on a side note, paying for an item on eBay to have it dropped through a window at the front of your house 2 hours later is an experience which somewhat happily breaks the fourth wall of the internet marketplace). Having varying degrees of familiarity […]

A long out-of-print double 3″ CDr release on┬áBremsstrahlung from 2003. The longest of Tsunoda’s trio of works is from his more classical microscopic field recording era – minutely focused and delicate. The other two shorter pieces sound more contemporary, and play on his particular brand of extended microphone and recording techniques. I’m never sure if […]

A pair of live solo performances and a duo recording on Musica Excentrica by Philip Samartzis and CD-R (also known as Nikita Golyshev, the label’s owner). Samartzis is in slightly more minimal and digital mode than usual here and largely eschews (at least obvious) field recordings: perhaps for the best given Golyshev’s often busily swirling […]