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Shared archives of musics otherwise difficult to consume.

Most of us familiar with Jeph Jerman likely associate him with the scrapings and scratchings of found objects he used with great prolificacy over the last decade and half. More senior fans may be most familiar with his low fidelity field recording work in the 1980s and ’90s as Hands To. I for one, have […]

A smattering of modern classical and composition dating from 1976 America on Max Schubel’s Opus One label.
The record opens with a version of Alice Shields’ excellent Wildcat Songs. Composed in 1966, it features piccolo and soprano, and while its vocal elements tend towards the operatic, think less Verdi and more Domenico Guaccero as an apt comparison […]


Continuing on where Continuo left off, we have this offering from Jacques Lasry. Though credited mainly to Lasry, as with much of his work, Teddy Lasry alongside Bernard and François Baschet all feature prominently – the former performing several of the pieces, the latter duo engineering the works.
Ignore the horrendously tacky cover (see below) and instead appreciate a […]

A rather difficult to find 7″ by the Algerian composer of Chaabi and pianist Mustapha Skandrani likely from the early 1960s.
‘Salam El Habib’ starts as a rather upbeat song, sounding like a not-too-distant cousin of flamenco, but manages to shift tempo three times. The interlude midway through the piece is what really caught my ear. Here Skandrani’s […]

A single-sided 7″ on the now defunct Little Enjoyer label documenting one of Joe Colley’s installations from his prolific mid-2000s era – Playback System (For Johnny Stewart). The notes on the insert say it all:
Cassettes of animal distress cries purchased from the vast catalog produced by the Johnny Stewart company are presented on a table […]