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Works and events involving members of the Soundscape / Cut And Run collective.

Mathieu Ruhlmann, Soundscape / Cut And Run citizen, has had his most recent output released on 3LEAVES in the form of This Star Teaches Bending. His notes and a sample follow…
“In 2012, my mother at the age of 63 was diagnosed with a rare terminal lung disease. She was given a six-month life expectancy at […]

Soundscape / Cut And Run resident vehscle (Brian Beaudry) has recently released a split CD with United Kingdom native Simon Wilson, here appearing as The Phosphenes. The latter’s contribution is a lo-fidelity tape affair swirling in and out of recognition, while the former’s is a slow arc of field recordings and analogue electronics. The release […]

The Vehscle / Naturestudy split cassette has sold out, but has been reissued in digital form at Bandcamp. It features work by British Columbia-based Soundscape / Cut And Run contributor vehscle (Brian Beaudry) and Ohio-based sound artist Naturestudy (Jason Nicolaus). A series of chance online meetings, late night conversations and shared sounds resulted in this […]

Soundscape / Cut And Run can now be found at that place. Act, or do not, accordingly.

The Cut And Run collective would like to welcome Mathieu Ruhlmann into the fold. An established Vancouver-based sound and visual artist, he will bring a new perspective to both our online presence and our engagement with the experimental music community.
Mathieu will hopefully begin co-hosting Soundscape just in time for Brian’s leave of absence (read: sanity) […]