20th Dec, 2017 - Interview Sara Gold

20th Dec, 2017 – Interview Sara Gold

Welcome to the dark churning House of Gold, where sound art process ultimately gives birth to Techno. In this interview we preview and review Gold’s subdued but powerful evocative drones. They are unscored with delightful rolling thumps, contrasted with screechy no-input and augmented with processed field recordings. The result is a wall of texture that leaves […]

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15th Nov, 2017 - Sphagnum Explorations - #001

15th Nov, 2017 – Sphagnum Explorations – #001

Sphagnum Explorations selections by Alex Muir
Track List

XO – memories
bj nilsen – rough grazing
deforrest brown and kepla crowding and bubbling landscapes
M.E.S.H. – nemorum incola
matthew revert – being small
svitlana nianio – episode 7
toiret status – #45 feat. nozomu matsumoto
Sabrina Schroeder – He Cuts Snow
deforrest brown and kepla lost my head (feat embaci)
BJ nilsen – la descente
oxhy – […]

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Layers of Texture

Nov 8th, 2017 – CFRO Sound Art Archive Digging #1

A show of retro-CD, Sound Art CFRO Archive/Library digging. Finding of the evening is the album Estes Place by Piedmont Scorpid, convener of the now defunct DaintyDeathly.com CD label, who’s charmingly  intimate recordings and meticulous CD packaging, disarmed us and drew as ever further into the late 90s.
Track Listing
OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music […]

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