In Reverberation We Trust


Brady Cranfield enjoys Bruce’s memory, as you shout out loud “Pauline Oliveros”. It’s good to know you have friends you can trust especially those with long memories or reverberations as the case may be.

Track List
  1. CollocutorContinuations – Lead by Tamar Osborn (baritone sax, flute)
  2. We Become Giants – We Become Giants  – Ida Toninato
  3. Those Among Us – Rose Golden Doors Ways – Pulled By Magnets includes Seb Rochford of Suns of Kemet
  4. Parallel Darks Part 3 – Werner Dafeldecker (Room 40)
  5. Current Harmonics – Jasmine Guffond
fgc Written by:

Brady Ciel Marks, is a computational artist , who is concerned with our technological entanglement, and so creates soundscape & other things that demystifies, transgresses in & re-interprets our relationship with technology, towards a potentially free relationship to its enframing.

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