aux-sends vol.#04

auxiliary sends / sound art, literature and other aural affairs / presented by elisa ferrari
Track Listing:
  • Mendi + Keith Obadike – “Trouble the yellow mumble” from The sour thunder, 2002 (internet opera)
  • Mendi + Keith Obadike –”Follow the scent” from The sour thunder, 2002 (internet opera)
  • oxhy “Psalms of the Khori Puma”, 2018 featuring Elysha Crompton
  • Marina Rosenfeld – “Hey Girls (It’s Not an Issue for You) [Teenage Lontano 3]” from Plastic Materials, 2009
  • Marina Rosenfeld – “Cuz I Cannot Find My Way [Teenage Lontano 1]” from Plastic Materials, 2009
  • Maskara – “The PERMANENT LIE” from LIQUEUR, 2019
  • Freya Edmondes “Topology Of An Inner City” from Instruments of the State by Tse Tse Fly Middle East, 2018
  • Pamela Z, “Pop titles ‘You'” from A Delay is Better, 2004
  • Laurie Lax, Bad Ventriloquist, November 2019 (live installation at Black Box Teater) (audio excerpt)
  • Kaie Kellough “d-o-y-o-u-r-e-a-d-m-e” from Creole Continuum, 2014

errāta corrige: Bad ventriloquist was performed at Black Box Teater in Oslo, not in Bergen.

Cover image from Laurie Lax’s Bad Ventriloquist. Photo by Jonas Mailand.

Thanks to: all the artists featured in this episode, Brady Marks for the technical support, and John Brennan for the intro theme

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