aux-sends vol.#3

auxiliary sends / sound art, literature and other aural affairs / presented by elisa ferrari
Track Listing:
  • Fabiola Carranza – Frankincense and Flora (excerpt), 2018 (installation)
  • Áine O’Dwyer “underlight” from Gallarais, 2018
  • Áine O’Dwyer “dirge” from Gallarais, 2018
  • Gabi Dao – You and I, I and You,  2019 (installation)
  • Holly Herndon “birth” from PROTO, 2018
  • Holly Herndon “extreme love” from PROTO, 2018
  • Holly Herndon “bridge” from PROTO, 2018
  • Tanya Tagaq – Split Tooth (chapter XVII), 2018 (audiobook read by the author)
  • Stine Janvin – “lean in” from Fake Synthetic Music, 2018

Cover image: from Fabiola Carranza’s Frankincense and Flora/A script

Thanks to: all the artists featured in this episode, Brady Marks for the technical support, and John Brennan for the intro theme.

Elisa Ferrari Written by:

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