aux-sends vol.#02

Elisa Ferrari presents, auxiliary sends, an audio series at the “intersection of sound, literature and other aural affairs”.

Track Listing:
  • Yoko OnoAspen no. 7: “Song for John” – Aspen Magazine, Roaring Fork Press, NYC, 1970
  • Terre Thaemlitz “Genrecide (I Wish Tricky’d Die Any Way I Hope)” from Comp x Comp, Comatonse Records, 2019. First released in Modulation & Transformation 4. Germany: Mille Plateaux, 1999
  • Terre Thaemlitz The Violence of Hope is the Need to Overcome Our Oppressions” from Comp x Comp, Comatonse Records, 2019. First released in a CD compilation for UK: The Hope Project Leeds, album release title and date unknown (c.2000?).
  • Ngũgĩ Wa Thiong’o reading “Without a Shadow of Doubt: My First Lesson in Art and Film” from Minutes of Glory, at the Seattle’s Town Hall in April 12, 2019
  • Rie Nakajima and Akira Sakata perform live at Ikon Gallery as part of a series of collaborative performances to compliment Nakajima’s exhibition “Cyclic”, LP published by Ikon Gallery on May 1 2018
  • Samson Young – an excerpt from the “Hong Kong Mixtape”, Fresh Art International, 2018
  • Charmain Lee – “hotboyyesgoth” performed at deep blue in Vancouver on March 30, 2019
  • Alison Yip and Michelle Helene Mackenzie, an excerpt from “Startled Moon, Twilight Rune” as part of the Feminist Land Art Retreat (FLAR) simulcast, Summer 2018

Cover image from Alison Yip and Michelle Helene Mackenzie Startled Moon, Twilight Rune as part of the Feminist Land Art Retreat (FLAR) simulcast

Thanks to: all the artists featured in this episode, Brady Marks for the technical support, and John Brennan for the intro theme.

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  1. Peter Cummings
    14 November , 2019

    I am so glad you are listening and have taken the time to curate this profoundly satisfying and unique out of body experience. Thank you

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