The Mothers of Invention

Using Pauline Oliveros’ Don’t Call them “Lady” Composers as a guide and tracing the roots of the Moog synth heritage in electronic music in the late 60s, we discover some decidedly witchy vibes.

Track List
  1. Jana Irmert – TH/is th/IS real – (Decoy Magazine, Subscription, March 2019)
  2. Wendy Carlos – Air on the G String – Switched-On Bach (1968)
  3. Jean Eichelberger Ivey – Aldeberan –  Music By Jean Eichelberger Ivey For Voices, Instruments And Tape (1973)
  4. Ruth White – Lovers World (Excerpt) – Seven Trumps From The Tarot Cards (1969)
  5. Ruth White – The Cat – The Flowers of Evil (1969)
  6. Ruth White – The Litanies Of Satan – The Flowers of Evil
  7. Pril Smiley – Kolyosa (1970) – Pioneers Of Electronic Music (2006)
  8. Sarah Schachner – Bayek of Siwa – Assassin’s Creed Origins (2017)
  9. Various Artists – Time – Memory – Place (Excerpt) – Moog Music


fgc Written by:

Brady Ciel Marks, is a computational artist , who is concerned with our technological entanglement, and so creates soundscape & other things that demystifies, transgresses in & re-interprets our relationship with technology, towards a potentially free relationship to its enframing.

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