November 14, 2018 – Brain Dance

Brain Dance Practitioners: RiDylan (left) Hitori Tori (Right), Photo: Brady Marks

A deep dive into Brain Dance, a genre with various interpretations; IDM under another guise, dance music with syncopation, counterpoint or high BPM (~140) employed to move attention from the feet to the head, or soundings with FM (Frequency Modulation) or resonant timbral tangles to provide an almost ASMR like simulation coming from acid music’s roots in roving bass lines.

Track List:
  • Hall of Mirrors – B12
  • Gescom – Two Of
  • EOD – EOD Send
  • John Tamb-Buckle (St.Louis) – Titan 03-80
  • fxbip (Montreal) – Miko.Acid.Confusions
  • Hitori Tori (Vancouer) – Szepreates
  • RiDylan (Vancouver) – Yatch In the Helios Swag (Forthcoming Release)
  • Gareth Clarke (UK) – Zamboni
  • Hitori Tori (Vancouver) – Relation Chip (Iserobin Remix)
  • Wookpecking Mantis (Montreal) – Casual Theme for Undead Rising (excerpt)
Show Notes
fgc Written by:

Brady Marks is a computational artist concerned with how we live in the face of technological encroachment, to that end she experiments with media configurations that express a middle way between technological fetishism and dystopian fantasies.

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