14th Feb 2018 – Mission Revisited

Introducing our new collective member, Helena Krobath, who revisits her childhood hometown in this episode, ‘Mission Revisited.’ The show proceeds from sharing historical World Soundscape Project (WSP) recordings of Mission from 1973, towards Helena’s electro-acoustic composition exploring the local backwoods recreation areas. Along the way we learn of a number of conceptual frameworks for considering the changes in Mission itself and how we view Mission’s parklands.

Track List:

  1. WSP, Service in the Abbey (Van134C3)
  2. Heritage Park music and crowd
  3. WSP, Bells in Woods (Van134A1)
  4. Hayward lakeside
  5. looking glass train
  6. can we pull into Hoover?
  7. car effects
  8. channel surfing: forest voices in the noise
  9. airplane and birds Hoover
  10. I Dreamt this was my Home

fgc Written by:

Brady Marks is a computational artist concerned with how we live in the face of technological encroachment, to that end she experiments with media configurations that express a middle way between technological fetishism and dystopian fantasies.

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