Month: February 2018

Introducing our new collective member, Helena Krobath, who revisits her childhood hometown in this episode, ‘Mission Revisited.’ The show proceeds from sharing historical World Soundscape Project (WSP) recordings of Mission from 1973, towards Helena’s electro-acoustic composition exploring the local backwoods recreation areas. Along the way we learn of a number of conceptual frameworks for considering […]

photo credit: Allison Collins
Western Front artist-in-residence Elisa Ferrari and sound artist Brady Marks discuss Elisa project lilithlithlithlithlith which explores electromagnetic power structures literally and figuratively through the selected tracks.
Track Listing

Christina Kubisch – Cloud, 2011-2014
Elisa Ferrari – Site C protest & underground substation field recordings, 7 november 2017
Joyce Hinterding – Encounter with the Halo Field, 2009
Joyce Hinterding – Ultramix, 2016
Peter […]

Contemporary Selections by Alex Muir
Track Listing:

Silvia Kastel – Concrete Void
Brian Beaudry – Agency
Chris Strickland – the Rendering Gash
Bana Haffar – exo
Graham Lambkin – the Pack
Silvia Kastel – the Closer the Stranger
Vehscle – Array (version)
Leslie Winer and Jay Glass Dubs – Cogged
Chris Strickland – One Deep
Peder Mannerfelt – First Day