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27th Dec 2017 – The Edge of Ice & Sea

a Cold Image

Track Art: Ross Birdwise, Ice Storm, 1998

Surveying a small range of instrumental, noise based and field recordings, which attempt to reflect the stark beauty and wistful complexity of ice and its intersection with the warmer waters. We begin in the languid water of the Venice Lagoon with recent works, and terminate with the hard ice of the Canadian Glacier in a classic field recording.

Track Listing

  1. Astróra A – Enrico Coniglio – Bragos Series
  2. Astróra B – Enrico Coniglio – (ibid)
  3. Ice Storm, 1998 – Ross Birdwise – some noise 1993-2017
  4. Under the Ice – John Luther Adams & Glenn Kotche – Ilimaq
  5. At The Sea Ice Edge (Underwater Recordings Of Leopard Seals, Weddell Seals And Orcas) – Douglas Quinn – Antarctica (discogs)
  6. Canada Glacier – Douglas Quinn – (ibid)