George Rahi – pulses // patterns @ Western Front

INSTALLATION & CONCERT  |  DEC 7-14                                                                                          pulses // patterns

pulses // patterns installation by George Rahi. Image courtesy of the artist.
The-possible-impossible-thing-of-sound installation series continues in December with a dynamic, whirling sound installation by George Rahi.

OPENING: Dec 7, 7pm
EXHIBITION: Dec 8 – 13 (except Sunday, Dec 1012-5pm
PERFORMANCE: December 14, 8pm  >>TICKETS

Grand Luxe Hall, Western Front
303 East 8th Ave, Vancouver

Dismantling and re-imagining objects is an ongoing preoccupation for instrument builder George Rahi.  In pulses // patterns, he alters a set of ‘Leslie’ rotary speakers and a single pipe-organ rank to create a system of interlinked sonic objects, designed to excite various spatial sensations in the exhibition hall.

pulses // patterns 
December 14, 8pm
TICKETS: $15/10 Advance, $20/15 Door
Western Front, 303 East 8th Ave, Vancouver

In concert, keyboardist and composer Robyn Jacob joins George Rahi and the installation for some unseasonal yet beautiful musical interludes.


Artist Biography

George Rahi is a composer, sound artist, and instrument maker exploring new hybrids between the acoustic, electronic, mechanical, and sculptural. He works across a diverse array of interests including electro-acoustic music, public space, the soundscape, and large-scale instruments such as the pipe organ and the Indonesian Gamelan. He is a founding member of the percussion ensemble Gamelan Bike-Bike and art collective Publik Secrets, in residence at the Hadden Park fieldhouse in Vancouver since 2015. Recent projects include a series of youth-engaged workshops on e-waste and electronic musical instrument hacking held at VIVO Media Arts Centre. He is also working towards a MFA degree from Simon Fraser University with a focus on sound art.

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