Oct 11th, 2017 – ‘Isla 14’ – Daniel Majer’s Islands of Sound

Pastel Toned Image of a Softly Rendered but Shinny Tree Leaf Structure, on a Soft Blue Background
Cover Art: Princesito

Introducing ‘Isla 14’ the latest release of Vancouver based soundscape/ambient tonal abstract electro-acoustic composer/producer – Daniel Majer.

Isla 14 released on the Isla net label, is a delightful series of compositions exploring the places, moods and tonic soundscape of Majer’s Vancouver. The fluidity and swirling currents running through these comps, resonate with both the peace he seems to find in a home here in a city swirling and more pointedly churning with its downright relentless development. Through the interview and these tracks we come to know a rare understanding; a point in space/time supported with his efforts and those he leans on, but so well balance it breathes effortlessly.

The broadcast/podcast & interview with Majer, contains most of the tracks from the release with the exception of a special bonus track only available on the cassette , however added for your ears and nows are bonuses of our own – 2 unreleased tracks, produced in dialogue with Giorgio Magnanensi, Artistic Director of Vancouver New Music, and, if you haven’t heard recipient of the Vancouver Major’s Award 2017.



fgc Written by:

Brady Ciel Marks, is a computational artist , who is concerned with our technological entanglement, and so creates soundscape & other things that demystifies, transgresses in & re-interprets our relationship with technology, towards a potentially free relationship to its enframing.

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