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Continuing on where Continuo left off, we have this offering from Jacques Lasry. Though credited mainly to Lasry, as with much of his work, Teddy Lasry alongside Bernard and François Baschet all feature prominently – the former performing several of the pieces, the latter duo engineering the works.

Ignore the horrendously tacky cover (see below) and instead appreciate a diverse range of music featuring sound sculptures designed and built by Lasry and the Baschet brothers. There are takes on an array of musical idioms: poly-rhythmic percussion on ‘Enclumes’; a simulacrum of Christian plainsong via warbling harmonies of vibrating metal on ‘Plein Chant’; a loose interpretation of Japanese Noh, possibly featuring only two performers instead of four, but otherwise accurately reproducing it’s slow and spacious structure; and even hard bop complete with bass clarinet (?) solo.

Certainly not a Lasry-Baschet aficoanado’s first choice for musical accomplishment, but for the uninitiated, consider it a primer on the varied sounds, timbres and textures produced by some of the seminal figures in sound sculpture in the mid 20th century.

On an aside, do note that in addition to another Lasry-Baschet project we’ve posted here, Continuo has occasionally been re-upping their posts as of late – worth checking out. If you find anything of interest missing from our Lost And Found bin, feel free to request the same of us.

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