9th Nov - Killer Bees from The Whip of UFO

9th Nov – Killer Bees from The Whip of UFO

15045625_10154511834555837_1581189170_nAndrew Scott, aka Whip of The UFO, is a:

Full time beekeeper who has made noise music for over 25 years as whip of the ufo. Andrew has exhibited sculpture on both coasts of the United States and has worked in television advertising and the video game industry as a composer and sound artist. Side projects include Church of Hell, AD and Blacks Point. Currently recording with Bill Batt at Thankless Studios.

Andrew brought in a 45min Composition entitled BeeSpace of cavernous evolving noise derived in part from recordings of the bees he keeps and inspired by cosmic collisions of inner and outer space.

In the aftermath of the 2016 US Election, you might welcome a cathartic ball of noise, built on altruism rather than greed.