June 22, 2016 – In lieu of Summer

1. John Baker, ‘Time And Tune’, Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Sharing a different, but also wonderful, Baker track here, stream the show for the above-listed track…

2. The International Nothing (…and something), ‘Lokale Gebrauche’, The Power of Negative Thinking
A live rendition…

3. Chris Abrahams, ‘1 Liter Cold Laptop’, Fluid to the Influence
Here, a very different, but beautiful track from the same album, stream the show for the above-listed track…

4. Martijn Tellinga, ‘Sur Face, Carriage Works parking Lot’, Positions

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.49.42 AM

liner notes: Extra track in the digital download: Sur Face, Carriage Works parking lot – Following a score based on simplified principles of acoustic measurement, an open number of performers slowly move between opposing surfaces. Methodically traversing the range of their instructions and playing sound events repetitively the changing response by the site is made audible. By Sam Pettigrew on double bass, Jeremy Tatar on flute and John Wilton on gong. Composed 2012, recorded at a parking lot, Sydney, Australia 2012.

5. KR75, ‘the hello machine’, the hello machine + hydrosphere

6. Stefana Fratila, ‘Interlude II’, Efemera

7. Evan Parker, ‘Gee Bends’,  Time Lapse

8. Graham Lambkin & Michael Pisaro, ‘Ein eisiger Wind’, Schwarze Risenfalter
Again, same artist, same album, different track (the listed track can be listened to on podcast)


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