October 21, 2015 - Special Guest - Steve Roden

October 21, 2015 – Special Guest – Steve Roden


Tonight we have a special 2 hr show with guest Steve Roden, who is in town for a solo performance at the Vancouver New Music Festival.

He has brought with him an amazing collection of rare 45’s he has recently been collecting.

Ever the fervent collector, in 2011 Roden compiled an impressive 2CD collection of 78’s that spanned the time frame of 1914-1955, alongside vintage photographs titled ‘… i listen to the wind that obliterates my traces’ on the dust to digital label.

Steve Roden is also an acclaimed visual and sound artist.  More work can be found on his website: http://www.inbetweennoise.com/ and his blog http://inbetweennoise.blogspot.com/

Part One:


‘Soundscape’ Hosted by Mathieu Ruhlmann + Alexandra Spence w/ Speical Guest Steve Roden (Part 1) by Mathieuruhlmann on Mixcloud


Part Two:

‘Soundscape’ Hosted by Mathieu Ruhlmann + Alexandra Spence w/ Speical Guest Steve Roden (Part 2) by Mathieuruhlmann on Mixcloud

Part One Tracklisting:

1.j’aime une fille aux yeux d’or by L’Revolution Francaise

2.Poly-rhythm de cotonou by Poly-rhythmo
3.It’s All Over by Bobby Fulton
4.Nguinio Nuu by The Lulu’s Band
5.Shelay by Mohammed Nough
6.Alemeve by Telela Kebbede
7.What Is This Thing by Jancie Young
8.Please Set Me Free by The Rabble
9.Kicks and Chicks by The Zipps
10.Kochen Messassate by Alemayehu Eshete
11.God Can by All College Choir State University
12.Chenari e Bluz by Les Abranis
Part Two Tracklisting:

1.Bumpin on Sunset by The Toppers

2.Utilipu (Coming Back) by Etulu Etidollee
3.Ke Amon Gbetcha by El Rego Et Ses Commandos
4.I’m Tired Of Going On by Sambo
5.Let Me Lean On You by The Christian All Stars of Akron
6.Let A Woman Be A Woman And A Man Be A Man by Dyke and the Blazers
7.Imagens by Toze Brito
8.A T’on Le Droit by Les Lutins
9.Lonely Man by Lionel Able
10.Wully Bully by Tilla
11.Throat Music A3 by Mary Sivuarapi / Nellie Nunga
12.Bumble Bee by Mavi Isiklar
13.Bemister Kiberign by Muluken Melesse
14.Don’t You Dare by The Impacts
15.Robot Strut by The Solicitors
16.Hey It’s Love by The Commands
17.God Is So Good To Me by Willi Blue w/ Magic Guitar