EVENT: Vancouver Electronic Ensemble - Ambience

EVENT: Vancouver Electronic Ensemble – Ambience

VEE Ambience VCC PosterSaturday, October 17, 2015; 7:30PM-10:30PM
Vancouver Community College Atrium (1155 East Broadway)
Free Admission

VEE will perform new ambient-oriented works that take advantage of the sonic environment of Vancouver Community College’s unique, open atrium space. You’re invited to wander through the space to experience the sounds shift as you move from place to place in this highly resonant space.

Featuring: Holly Beckmyer, Ross Birdwise, Sam Davidson, Justin Devries, Soressa Gardner, Scott Gubbels, Lee Hutzulak, Dave Leith, Brady Marks, Graham Meisner, John Mutter, Matt O’Donnell, Dan Potter, Michael Rohaly, Gabriel Saloman, Andrew Scott, and prOphecy sun,

with, Mariah Mennie, Patrick Metzger, Jordan Nobles and Tim Tweedale.

link: fcbk