December 10, 2014 – Playing Catchup


In an unusual turn of events, Brady was unable to post her excellent show to the site this week, as she is tending to Alex and his pet sheep, Walter, both suffering from an acute session of avian influenza.

Get the full show as a stream or download here.

Having recovered (to a point), here is a track listing :

  1. IonaLoscil – Sea Island – If you missed the last few Loscil releases it’s time to buck the trend, this one is lush and lovely.
  2. Op Chernobyl – Cyan Bleeding – Some days when you walk to walk you happen to find your self in a Stanislaw Lem adaptation, set a future Chernobyl, luckly we have it on tape thanks to our South African (wtk, I know!) correspondent. Download Link.
  3. ChorusHolly Herndon (Excerpt) –  Video &
  4. Breathe – Holly Herndon – Movement (2012)  – Adventurous Audio “It Girl Woman” is having a breakout year (gack) with props in all the end of year lists, I recommend catching up with her earlier work on Movement (2012) for more a rewarding romp through vocally led laptop driven terrain. Recommended.
  5. X Degrees of Synchronicity (Mock-up) –  N.N.N. Cook – Rhizomatic St. Louis Vol III – Next up we explore that St. Louis Scene, starting with this track from the convener, of the “Rhizomatic St. Louis” compilations, picks include….
  6. Titan3 80-300John Tamm – Buckle – Rhizomatic St. Louis Vol III – F*ing good stuff, brain dance in the style of “Florian Hecker’s ‎– Acid In The Style Of David Tudor made using a Buchla modular synthesizer in combination with a Comdyna analog computer. So did John get a modular for last Christmas? And finally…
  7. radiant huskapple uppfle – – Rhizomatic St. Louis Vol III, stands out.
  8. Sag mir wo die Blumen sindEinstürzende Neubauten – Lament (2014) – (Translation: Tel me where are all the flowers?) Back on the Catch Up wagon, it seems Neubauten slipped an entire anti-war album by me, which I really needed with CBC’s war nostalgia trip out in the last few months.
  9. The Willy – Nicky Telegrams – Einstürzende Neubauten – Lament (2014) – A performance based on the telegrams relayed between Wilhelm II, German Emperor, and Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia before the out break of the WWI. Video


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