October 15, 2014 – Acoustic Migration


Tonight’s show involves playing several excerpts, a habit I normally try to avoid. I would expect that our listeners, provided sufficient interest in the sample of a work, can find the means to hear the complete recording rather easily. The fact that our podcast is ripped from the online stream instead of from the board (a product of our station’s archival software, and a worthwhile tradeoff for the ease of use), means that the audio quality is mediocre, mp3s at 128 kbps or less. Better to liken the show to a field guide than to a curated presentation: to be heard, scribbled upon, extrapolated from and tossed away.

1 – Akio Suzuki – ‘Glass Harmonica’ – Mu Ro Bi Ko – Japan, 2014

Writing this after attending Suzuki’s performance here in Vancouver on October 16th, I can attest to his incredible intuition on stage – both auditory and dramatic. Recordings of his work, while worthwhile, certainly cannot capture the presence and focus he brings to his improvisations.

2 – Neil Davidson & Michael Duch – ‘Oera 3’ – Oera – United Kingdom, 2014

3 – Catherine Lamb – ‘Matter/Moving (3)’ – Matter/ Moving – United States, 2014

A full review will be published here soon.

4 – Unknown Artist – ‘Ghau Kilori’ – Iles Salomon – Musique De Guadalcanal – Salomon Islands, 1994

5 – The International Nothing – ‘Lost And Found And Lost Again’ – The Dark Side Of Success – Germany, 2014

6 – Klaus Lang – ‘Sais. 5’ – SAIS. – Germany, 2014

7 – Mustapha Skandrani – ‘Stikhbar Moual’ – Stikhbar – Algiers, 1965

8 – Claude Caron – ‘Japa, For 4 Pianos, 7 Voices, 2 Horns and Electronic Sounds’ – Electronic Music by Caron, Perron And Dawson – Canada, 1981

Alonsgside some dated and academic acousmatics  by Perron and Dawson is Claude Caron’s ‘Japa’. A relatively unknown composer, Caron is obviously strongly informed by serialism. ‘Japa’ nevertheless breaks into some rather lush harmonics in a more contemporary style, offering a fine counterpoint to the piece’s pointillism.

Get the full show as a stream or download here.

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