Michael O'Neill, John Luther Adams, Annea Lockwood & Hildegard Westerkamp @ Orpheum Annex

Michael O’Neill, John Luther Adams, Annea Lockwood & Hildegard Westerkamp @ Orpheum Annex

VNM Festival - Sonic Topographies

Vancouver New Music Festival 2014 Sonic Topographies Sound, music, and sustainability October 16 – 19, 2014

Composers and sound artists all over the world are turning their ears to the music of the earth and its people to reconsider what artistic creation means in a context that fosters sustainable ideas about creativity, culture, and tradition. The festival showcases composers, musicians and sound artists who are fostering new, sound-based explorations of ideas that emerge from natural, interlocking cycles and alternative systems of thought.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014
3:30PM concert | 2PM free panel discussion – note early start time!
Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS), University of British Columbia (2260 West Mall, UBC Point Grey Campus) [map]
Tickets $35 regular, $15 students (includes taxes) [Buy tickets]

Michael O’Neill (Vancouver)
stone garden *
For gamelan, bagpipes, and voices.
stone garden is an intercultural work for Balinese gamelan beleganjur, Scottish bagpipes, Ukrainian bilij holos (white voice or pure voice) singing, and chorus. It is a rumination from a personal perspective on end-of-life matters, recognizing the shared traditional role of beleganjur and bagpipes in cremation/funeral ceremonies. Weaving through the piece, with light, humour, and gravitas are the words of celebrated Vancouver poet Gerry Gilbert.

* World premiere, commissioned by Vancouver New Music with the assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts.

John Luther Adams (US)
Songbirdsongs (1974-80)
For two piccolos, and three percussion.
John Luther Adams’ Songbirdsongs creates a mesmerizing, and shifting sonic landscape of birdcalls, water, and wind. Performed by Daniel Tones (percussion), Mark McGregor and Brenda Fedoruk (piccolos).


Annea Lockwood (New Zealand)
floating world (1999)
For stereo tape.
floating world is an immersion in place and transience. Lockwood invited eleven friends whose own work with environmental sound she much admires to make recordings in places of personal, spiritual significance to them.

Hildegard Westerkamp (Vancouver)
école polytechnique (1990)
For eight churchbells, mixed choir, bass clarinet, trumpet, percussion, and electroacoustic soundtrack.
Dedicated to the 14 women slain at École Polytechnique in Montreal in 1989, école polytechnique invites the audience to listen inward and search for what is sacred, what cannot be compromised, what cannot be allowed to be killed inside us and therefore not in the world. école polytechnique is meant to provide the sonic environment for such a journey inward. Performed by Musica Intima, Daniel Tones (percussion), Al Cannon (trumpet), and AK Coope (bass clarinet).