August 20, 2014 | Artist/Label Spotlight : Tim Olive/845 Audio



Tonights show we feature an artist spotlight on Tim Olive and his label 845 Audio.

Olive has been releasing music since the early 90’s but around the beginnings of 2000 he began working under his own name.  Working primarily with a single string guitar, pick-ups and analogue electronics Tim Olive has been creating dynamic improvised music.

In 2012 Tim Olive formed 845 Audio which has 4 releases to date, all duo recordings.

Tonight I will be playing track(s) from each of the releases.

The first two tracks I played this evening were off ‘Various Histories’ a duo with Katsura Mouri released in April 2013.

1 – Katsura Mouri & Tim Olive – Untitled Track 4 – Various Histories – Japan, 2013

2 – Katsura Mouri & Tim Olive – Untitled Track 1 – Various Histories – Japan, 2013


The latest release on 845 Audio, Dominion Mills, Tim Olive teams up with Montreal based musician Anne Francois Jacques.  I played the first track off the release with Anne Francois on rotating devices and Tim Olive on magnetic pickups.

3 – Anne-F Jacques & Tim Olive – Untitled Track 1– Dominion Mills – Japan, 2014




4 – Jason Kahn & Tim Olive – Untitled Track 4 – Two Sunrise – Japan, 2014



5 – Tim Olive & Alfredo Costa Monteiro – Untitled Track 2 – 33 Bays – Japan, 2012



For further information on 845 and Tim Olive can be found here:

845 Audio

Tim Olive

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