August 6, 2014 - Uncodified

August 6, 2014 – Uncodified


Apologies as the station seems to be having technical issues with our archives, so the podcast is (hopefully only) temporarily unavailable.

1 – Matt Krefting – ‘Tiger’s Owl’ – Lymph Est – United States, 2014

Music that will make you feel like the curled up cat adorning the album’s cover.

2 – Ala Vjiior – Untitled – Detours & Details – Canada, 2014

Better known as Hobo Cubes, here Francesco De Gallo reconstitutes his music collection into fresh and endearingly chaotic compositions. As much noisy analogue synth jam as musique concrète as turntablism (in the latter case owing something both sonically and culturally to fellow Montréaler Martin Tétreault), the work thankfully has enough of a cohesive narrative arc to maintain the listener’s attention. Despite the limitations of fidelity on magnetic tape, good speakers or headphones are recommended as there are some surprisingly tactile and engaging subsonics which slip back and forth between over-compression and pleasing rhythmic drumming.

3 – Les Trois Phallus – ‘Le Pavillon Des Cancereux’ – Thee Book – France, 1984

Despite releasing only a pair of actual albums, Les 3 Phallus tracks appear on over a dozen industrial and new wave compilations from the early 1980s, including this one.

4 – Alexandre St-Onge – Untitled – Image / Négation – Canada, 1999

5 – Ron Nagorcka – ‘Atom Bomb’ – Artefacts Of Australian Experimental Music Volume II 1974–1983 – Australia, 1977

This Australian composer and naturalist’s oeuvre is tragically obscure, with most of his distributed work to be found only on compilation CDs (literally the least desirable medium of audio consumption). I’ve come across one of his two cassettes only once which, despite its occasional new age intonations, managed to imprint itself enough on me to make its way onto this site.  It seems a good deal of his work has recently been made more readily available via a compilation CD (ugh) on Pogus. Probably going to cave, take one for the team, and just buy the thing . . .

6 – Sandra Electronics – ‘As Above, So Below’ – Sessions – Germany, 2013

Romanticist? Yes. Tacky? Obviously. Good? Yes.

7 – Spheric Corner – ‘Live Your Life’ – Wave Scope – Germany, 1986

Heading deep into synthesized noodlery is rarely my cup of tea but the asynchronous oscillators and stumbling drum machine on this particular track redeem it for me.

8 – Godseye – ‘Gideon Asleep By The River’ – No More Cake Here – United States, 2011