July 16, 2014 – we will fell the tree to reach the branches



A bit of a varied spectrum of sound for tonights show.  We begin tonight with some field recording works from Peter Cusack and Andrea Polli.  I just finished up reading a few weeks ago ‘In the Field : The Art of Field Recording’.  The book consists of a collection of interviews with 18 ‘field recordists’ of varying degree.  I am not sure how they gathered these select artists but the span quite an array of approaches.  Many I am familiar with such as Peter Cusack.  Some I am just discovering their work such as Andrea Polli.

Starting off the show I played two tracks from Peter Cusack’s ‘Sounds from Dangerous Places’ and followed up with a less oppressive track from his ‘Favourite Sounds’ project from Beijing.

1.  Peter Cusack – Wild Boar – ‘Sounds from Dangerous Places : Chernobyl’ – United Kingdom, 2006/2007

2.  Peter Cusack – Bradwell Nuclear Power Station – ‘Sounds from Dangerous Places : Caspian Oil + UK Sites’ – United Kingdom, 2006/2007

3.  Peter Cusack – Taxi Meter Speaks English Too – ‘Beijing Favourite Sounds’ – United Kingdom

Another artist from the book ‘In the Field’ is Andrea Polli.  The track I played is from a project in 2004 that involved a collaboration with an environmental scientist translating real and projected temperature data from Central Park, New York into the sound elements of a musical score.

4.  Andrea Polli – Heat and the Heartbreak of the City (excerpt) – United States, 2004

5.  James Tenney – Harmonium #1 – ‘West Coast Soundings’ – on Editions Wandelweiser, 2014

A beautiful just intonation piece composed in 1976 for Lou Harrison that does not incorporate a harmonium.

Here are the players for this one.

Lucia Mense ñ sopranino, soprano recorder, tenor recorder
Frank Gratkowski – b-flat clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone
Seth Josel – electric guitar
Anton Lukoszevieze – violoncello

6.  Coppice – Whiting Belt-Sweet Thread (Topple) – ‘04.30.2014’ – on Somnimage, 2014

From a limited CD of 100 copies from the Somnimage label out of Chicago.  This release was specifically developed to commemorate the live performances at The Empty Bottle in Chicago, Illinois on April 30, 2014.  That night Nicholas Szczepanik, Coppice, and Mykel Boyd performed.   The CD present 5 unreleased tracks from the artists.  Three of them from Coppice, using an assortment of equipment from custom samplers, transmitters, tape processes, plastic bladder with valve and their trusty pump organ.

Again, we are confronted with the duo delving into new territory.

7. Mohammad – Grabe – ‘Zo Rél Do’ on Antifrost, 2014 Greece

What more do I need to say about these fella’s.  They continue to raise the bar for their work.

8. The Knot – False Echo #2 – Unreleased track – Aaron Lumley/The Knot – on Arachnidiscs, 2012

Here the duo of Tillman Lewis and Nick Storring present an unreleased track from the sessions they did for they split cassette release with Aaron Lumley on Arachnidiscs.

9. Collage – Kodu Kaugel – ‘Parimood Lood 1970-1976’ – on Hyper Records, 2002, Estonia

10. Oorutaichi – Cali!– Yori Yoyo – on Moroheiya Records, 2004, Japan

11. Caribou – Sun – Swim on Merge, 2010




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