March 5, 2014 – …like bird holes in plants


1 – Ruth White – ‘Spleen’ –  Flowers of Evil  United States, 1969  on Limelight Records


2 – Kangding Ray – ‘Serendipity March – Solens Arc,  France/Germany, 2014 on raster noton

3 – Yann Leguay – ‘DAP1’ – Quasi Static Crack Propagation, Belgium, 2013 on Consumer Waste

from the consumer waste webpage:  ‘…this CD presents a catalogue of audio media. Amplifying and recording CD players, tape recorders and DAT machines with a wide range of pickups, Leguay finds uncompromising electro-mechanical music in the playback functions of these devices. This stark machine-vision magnifies the vibrations of spinning discs and electromagnetic activity, the incidental music produced within the machines that usually reproduce it.’

4 – Jacaszek – ‘N.M.P’ – Piesni,  Poland, 2013 on Polish National Centre for Culture

for this release presented by the Polish National Centre for Culture, Jacaszek reinterprets traditional religious songs.

5 – John Tilbury + Oren Ambarchi – ‘The Just Reproach Part II’ – The Just Reproach,  United Kingdom/Australia, 2013 on Beatport

6 – Richard Glover – ‘Cello with clarinet + piano’ – Logical Harmonies, United Kingdom, 2013 on Another Timbre

7 – C.Diab – ‘Young Hums’ – Beacons, Canada, 2014

8 – Robert Ashley – ‘Automatic Writing’ – Automatic Writing, United States, 1979 on Lovely ltd.



title of this show is attributed to Patrick Farmer in his book ‘try i bark’

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