February 19, 2014 – Rinse…

AGF - Kuuntele

1 – Coppice – So Lobes Drape As Such Gills Over A Hanger’s Pit’ – Vantage/Cordoned – United States, 2014

You can find a full review(and samples) here at Cut And Run.

2 – Ilitch – ‘Elle Voulait Que Je Sois Drole’ – 10 Suicides – France, 1980

One of those songs that absolutely reeks of archetypal nostalgia the moment you hear it for the first time. Even for me – being -4 years old at the time of its release.

3 – Joda Clément / Daniel Jones / Lance Austin Olsen / Mathieu Ruhlmann – ‘May Is Out There Three’ – A Concert For Charles Cros – Canada / United Kingdom, 2014

You can find a full review (and samples) here at Cut And Run.

4 – Anne Guthrie & Richard Kamerman – ‘Several Or Many Fibers’ – Sinter – United States, 2013

Wonderfully dark piece which flows between a sort of low fidelity found sound / tape manipulation environment and some of the most harmonic elements on the album. There is just a slight edge of over-compression, leading to a enjoyable tension between some of the elements as they push one another in and out of the threshold.

5 – Raul Lovisoni – ‘Amon Ra’ – Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo [w. Francesco Messina] – Italy, 1979

Nice contemporary classical that narrowly avoids the tacky and reductionist Orientalism common to its era. Thankfully recently reissued on Die Schachtel, meaning you can avoid the $300 sticker shock of the original copies.

6 – Intemporal Analogic Sound – ‘Où est François Pignon’ – Core – France, 2013

A working title for Cyril Badaut’s experiments with turntables. A simple enough concept that has Badaut manages to find some unique musical crevices in. His approach to vinyl manipulations is often quite disciplined and minimal, despite its occasional forays into dub-based rhythms. The decomposition of a complex signal bed on ‘Où est François Pignon’ is one of the album’s highlights.

7 – AGF & Matti Pentikäinen – ‘Sinisten Risti (Eino Leino, 1903)’ – Kuuntele – Germany, 2013

Antye-Greie is still writing and still producing 17 years on from her start with Laub. It’s been an interesting and enjoyable arc to follow from [deep breath] electro-rock (Laub’s Kopflastig) to tech house (Mofa by Laub with Mathias Schaffhäuser) to Max/MSP experiments (AGF’s superb Head Slash Bauch) to IDM (Westernization Completed) to modern classical (The Dolls self-titled work) to leftfield (AGF/Delay’s Explode) to abstract techno (AGF’s work with Zavoloka) to multimedia opera (alongside Eliane Radigue, Kaffe Matthews and Ryoko Kuwajima as the under-appreciated project The Lappetites) to calligraphic artworks (both prints and as custom-made packaging for her music) to electroacoustics (Gedichterbe) to club-friendly beats (with Ellen Allien) to live visuals (alongside her partner Sasu Ripatti’s excellent electronics) to vocal experiments (last year’s Source Voice).

With output that diverse, it was inevitable that there would be some serious misses (her work with Craig Armstrong was particularly saccharine), but she continues to write poetry and music that as adeptly charges emotions as it casts a cold revelatory light on any of the variety of contemporary topics and genres she covers. Kuuntele, with its explorations of a land, culture and language simultaneously foreign and native, epitomizes these efforts perfectly.

8 – Bambounou – ‘Boarder’ – Full Of Feelings – France, 2013

Not quite Soundscape-appropriate, but close enough. Bambounou here showing his chops are as biting on syncopated basslines as they are on funky garage minimalism. Throughout much of his work there are shifting samples buried deep in the mix as though being played live and poorly recorded – not to the often intense extent found in home-recorded modern Kuduro, but the method nonetheless pleasingly scratches up the otherwise polished techno surface.

Get the full show as a stream or download here.

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