January 8, 2013 – Pink

Pink Noise

More notes to follow soon…

1 – David Chapman – ‘An East Wind Through Bomb Ballistics And Lab 2 – Orford Ness’ – Somewhere On The Edge – United Kingdom, 2012

One does not so much appreciate the nuances of an 11 hour compilation with contributions by 55 different artists as one hacks and slashes through the countless unedited 15 minute field recordings looking for something tangible to grasp onto. An unfortunate choice of format, even if in celebration of Gruenrekorder’s 100th release. Fortunately, there is plenty of worthwhile material in Somewhere On The Edge. One of the highlights is this piece with well-dispersed and hazy incidental harmonies and percussive elements stirring throughout.

2 – Pierre Gerard – ‘Orientation (Magnetite Crystals)’ – Untitled, (Magnetisms) – Belgium, 2011

3 – Eva-Marie Houben – ‘Druids And Questions’ – Druids And Questions – Germany, 2011

4 – José Antonio Orts – ‘Composición Infinita’ – Inventionen 2000 – Spain, 2002

5 – Brian Beaudry – ‘Honey Valley IV’ – Canada, 2013

A strongly equalized but otherwise unedited field recording from Honey Valley, near Uçhisar, Turkey.

6 – Comando Bruno – ‘Pulsion Collages (Radio Mix)’ – Tension Test – Germany, 1985

By ‘Radio Mix’, I will delightfully assume that this is the version that cuts through all the fluffy synths and mix-ready 303 solos to get right down to that catchy hook-filled chorus.

7 – Team Electrix – Untitled – Split – United Kingdom, 2012

Team Electrix (or Team Electrics) is one of Simon Wilson’s innumerable aliases, and of those perhaps my favourite so far. Forgoing the murky drones of much of his other work, the pieces on this double CDr / single cassette split have stark shifts in dynamic range from rhythmic noise to tonal punches to tenuous electroacoustics.

Get the full show as a stream or download here.

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