Year: 2014

The first four tracks of this evenings show focus on the label, Lengua de Lava.  Based out of Mérida, México and run by Gerardo Alejos and Enrique Rejón, Lengua de Lava has started out of the gate with three strong releases.  Tonight I will be showcasing excerpts from each of these tracks.
1. Gil Sansón – ‘Ese maldito yo’– Ese maldito […]

In an unusual turn of events, Brady was unable to post her excellent show to the site this week, as she is tending to Alex and his pet sheep, Walter, both suffering from an acute session of avian influenza.
Get the full show as a stream or download here.
Having recovered (to a point), here is a track […]

One from the newest batch released on Senufo Editions this autumn is Enrico Malatesta‘s Aliossi – its review here only adding evidence to the suspicion that I listen exclusively to Italian electroacoustic music (occasionally true). In some ways, Aliossi typifies the label’s content, hovering around that bizarre counterpoint of drone and pointillism. The vibrating snare or plate of the […]


Mixed bag tonight – but to my credit I spared you a holiday themed consumerist extravaganza with carols played on tuned resampled cash registers (although, maybe that should be posted anyhow?).
1 – Charlemagne Palestine – ‘SchlingenCassettenBlängen’ – SchlingenCassettenBlängen – United States, 1977 [2014]
A previously unreleased version of Charlemagne Palestine’s composition, the first appearance of which only came […]

A mini theme of “One” traces minimalists tendencies which can’t let me go….

One is the Loneliness Number – Not by Einsturzende Neubauten, but off Mimikry (2010) by anbb , a side project of Alva Noto & Blixa Bargeld [Einsturzende Neubauten] two of my favourite Berlin based sound heads, a cover of Three Dog Night, as an introduction into Oneness.
 Alanta […]