November 20, 2013 – Ribbon Drifts of Sleepless Weave


Tonight I will be making my way through some of the latest releases to show up on my studio desk.  As the year begins to wind down I am confronted with a cast of impressive works from some formidable labels and artists.   This years releases have continued to impress me and leave a mark those listed below included.


1.  COPPICE – ‘Snuck Keel’ – Big Wad Excisions – Quakebasket (United States, 2013)

Noé Cuéllar and Joseph Kramer continue to present imposing and monumental works as the duo COPPICE.  ‘Big Wad    Excisions’ is a powerful exploration into an extrinsic composition based study, working outside of usual practices and methods.  These two have built up a valid new vocabulary of sound.  Following in the footsteps of the stellar ‘Compound Form’, released early this year on Triple Bath, Big Wad Excisions swells with heaving thrusts of pumped and wheezing air, complemented by textured tape manipulation.   Keep your eye on these two.

Released on the resurrected Quakebasket label.


2.  Klaus Filip + Dafne Vicente-Sandoval – ‘obscur’ –  remoto – Potlatch (France, 2013)

Potlatch delivers another highlight of the year with the duo Klaus Filip and Dafne Vicente-Sandoval’s ‘remoto’.  A beautiful and pointed combination of sine-waves and bassoon.  This is my first exposure to Vicente-Sandoval’s work but the two have been performing together for a few years and on this release you can sense the cohesion.

3. Eric La Casa – ‘Short Cuts from a Grammar Listening’ – Framework Seasonal Issue #6 – Framework Radio (Estonia, 2013)

Here Eric La Casa presents his contribution to Framework Radio’s seasonal compilation series.

4. Dale Lloyd – ‘Extra Ordinary, Extra Regular’ – Vernacular – Whereabouts Records (Japan, 2013)

Seattle’s finest purveyor of environmental sounds presents his contribution to the 2 disc CD ‘Venacular’.  An extensive collection of 15 musicians from 11 countries tackling the theme of ‘locality’.

Olivia Block - Karren

5. Olivia Block – ‘Opening Night’ – Karren – Sedimental (Untied States, 2o13)

Olivia Block’s latest work release on vinyl through Sedimental.   Brian Beaudry’s extensive review of this release can be found here.


6.  Johnny Chang | Angharad Davies | Jamie Drouin | Phil Durrant | Lee Patterson | John Tilbury – Variable Formations – Another Timbre (United Kingdom, 2013)

A complete live recording at Cafe Oto in London from February 2013 of this sextet.  Impressive as many have never performed together.

7. Ist – ‘Punkt Und Linie’ – Berlin – Confront (United Kingdom, 2013)

A month or so back I did a spotlight on this UK label run by Mark Wastell.  The label was on hiatus in 2011 but has returned with 3 new discs recently.  This is one of them.  A recording from 2001 of Ist, who is Rhodri Davies, Simon Fell, and Mark Wastell.    The others are stand-outs as well.


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