November 13, 2013 - Nick Storring + Daniel Brandes

November 13, 2013 – Nick Storring + Daniel Brandes



For tonight’s show I talk with Nick Storring + Daniel Brandes about their latest release on Halifax’s Heavy Fog label.

Bespoken is a ensemble composed of Ilana Waniuk, Cheryl Duvall, Matthew Ramolo, Brandon Valdivia and Nick Storring who perform the two compositions found on this cassette, ‘Aigre-douce’ and ‘Intimations of Melody‘.

Here is a sample of ‘Aigre Douce

For further information on Nick Storring‘s activities and work, his website can be found here.

More info regarding the work and activities of Daniel Brandes can be found here.

Daniel Brandes curates a monthly experimental music series in Victoria, BC titled ‘a place to listen’.  It is held at James Bay United Church on the third Wednesday of the month.  More info regarding the time and performances, as well as recordings from past performances can be found here.