October 9, 2013 – A Room With A Preview

Tonight’s show largely features the works of a selection of artists appearing at Vancouver New Music’s 40th Anniversary Festival running from October 16th to the 19th, 2013. Full listings can be found under Events. We close the show with a pair of brand new releases.

1 – Paul Dolden – ‘Physics Of Seduction: Invocation #3’ – L’Ivresse De La Vitesse – Canada, 1994

A raucous piece coyingly shifting from serialism to post-classical to chamber music to free jazz. Paul Dolden will be presenting ‘Resonance #1’ at VNM’s Works for Small Ensemble and Solos.

TIM HECKER / BLACK REFRACTION from Sabrina Ratté on Vimeo.

2 – Tim Hecker – ‘Virginal II’ – Virgins – Canada, 2013

From Hecker’s newest release on Kranky. The album extends the explorations of his traditional treatments of over-modulation to acoustic instrumentation introduced on Ravedeath, 1972 back in 2011. He will be performing live on October 18, 2013 in Electronic, Electroacoustic, and New Media Works, also featuring the composers of the following three works, Magali Babin, Hildegard Westerkamp and Robert Normandeau.

3 – Magali Babin – ‘Chambre de Bain’ – Silent Room – Canada, 2007

A cryptic and utterly fascinating short from the under-appreciated hybrid release Silent Room by Montreal’s Skoltz_Kolgen. Babin’s contribution to the cinematic compilation is certainly one of its highlights with great dynamic range and an ear for lowercase sounds.

4 – Hildegard Westerkamp – ‘Für Dich – For You’ – Canada, 2005

A subtle and moving piece featuring readings of the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke. Her notes follow:

‘ The compositional process of ‘Für Dich – For You’ was an intense encounter with Rilke’s words, not unlike an encounter with the experience of love itself and all its unsettling, complex emotional states. The poem speaks of one person’s love to another, but also and perhaps more importantly about love as an inner state towards life and the world as a whole. On another level the composition explores a sense of place and belonging, of home and love. To underscore this context, the sound sources for the piece consist of specific sounds from two places that have created a sense of belonging in me: North Germany where I was born and grew up and Vancouver and the westcoast of Canada where I have lived for over thirty years as an immigrant. These sounds form the sonic/musical language of the piece together with the recorded voices (male and female) of people close to me, speaking the poem, both in German and English.’

5 – Robert Normandeau – ‘Le Cap de la Tourmente’ – Sonars – Canada, 2001

6 – Magali Babin – ‘Archives 1989-99’ – Montréal Tape Run – Canada, 2012

Another short by Babin. You can read a full review of the Montréal Tape Run compilation (and more generally the concept of a label distributed by post) here.

7 – Jacquie Leggatt – ‘Zoe Sleeps’ – Canada

Jacqueline Leggatt’s String Quartet #2. Having work previously performed by the well-respected Turning Point Ensemble, her composition ‘Cold Trip’ will be played at the opening of the Vancouver New Music Festival on October 16, 2013.

8 – Alessio Ballerini – ‘II’ – La Radio a Pedali – Italy, 2013

From our friends at Galaverna:

‘In his work Ballerini has been able to capture the essence of the performance held in Florence: a parade of cyclists where each of them were invited to carry a radio tuned on music for piano by Beethoven and Liszt. The result of Ballerini’s effort is a varied ”acoustic scenario” in which there is a multiplication of sounds and conceptual levels (the cycling sound, the radio music, the path considered as an unique space). <<This experience – said the artist – has been a challenge also on a generational point of view, a longing for a possible meeting, between dichotomic concepts as bicycle-car or internet-LP record, in order to develop a different compositive approach based on raw recordings, post-production transfigurations and mixing>>.’

The result is an entertaining mix of found sound, conversational snippets, radio announcers, bicycle noises and classical music which never sits still. With a couple of notable exceptions, especially ‘VI’, the studio editing of the recordings reinforces the acoustic and physical entropy of such an undertaking. The moments where the recordings relent to a studio-based praxis are simple and beautiful. Well worth repeated listens.

Freely available at Bandcamp and Galaverna.

9 – Myke Dodge Weiskopf – ‘Sikasso – Adhan al-Fajr’ – The Muezzins of Mali – Mali / United States, 2013

A full review of this work is available here.

Get the full show as a download or stream here.

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