August 21, 2013 - A Midsummer Night's Dream

August 21, 2013 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This evening’s theme is rather self-explanatory, and reproduced across a variety of cultures and eras. Further details to arrive soon.

1 – Paul Bowles – ‘Nights’ – Baptism Of Solitude – United States / Morocco, 1995

2 – Yuri Kalendarev – ‘Dream’ – Sound Sculptures – Russia, 1970s / 2007

One of a series of Die Schachtel’s releases of sound sculpture recordings

3 – Shalabi Effect – ‘Sister Sleep’ – The Trial Of St-Orange – Canada, 2002

4 – Unknown Artist recorded by E. Bhavnain – ‘Song Of The Nightingale’ – Folk Music Of Kasmir – Kashmir, 1965

5 – Iida Katsuaki & Ryu Hankil – ‘At The End Of Nights’ – Selected Poems With Clockworks – South Korea, 2008

6 – Wu Ye Ti played by Yao Gong-Bai – ‘Cawing Of Crows At Night’ – The Eminent Pieces For The Chinese Guqin, Vol. 2 – China, 1425 / 1994

I’m unsure of the artistic liberty Gong-Bai takes on this recording of a piece originally composed in 1425, but whatever his approach it sounds remarkably modern – something stylistically similar to the slide techniques of delta blues.

7 – Sid Hemphill & Lucius Smith – ‘The Devil’s Dream’ – The Devil’s Dream – United States, 1942 / 2013

I originally heard this on the widely-acclaimed reissues of Alan Lomax’s ‘Southern Journey’ recordings on Mississippi Records. It was something of a standout for me with its odd rhythms, improvisational mood and plodding proto-punk aesthetics. Fortunately, a new compilation of his work has been released on the same label, and is full of similar curiosities.

8 – Unknown Navajo artist – ‘Night Chant (Yeibichai Dance)’ – Music Of The Sioux And The Navajo – United States, 1949

9 – Jorge Luis Borges – ‘The Circular Ruins’ – Argentina, 1940

As straightforward as Borges’ writing is capable of being, this short is still a powerful and somewhat terrifying narrative.

10 – Unknown Lithuanian artist – ‘O, Sleep, Sleep’ – Lituanie, Le pays des chansons – Lithuania, 1997

11 – Justine & Juliette – ‘Suite Of Dreams’ – Kiss Of The Whip – United States, 1988

While the cassette is rather rare, a digital copy is available for download over at Soundhead and is worth listening to in full.

Milorad Pavic - Dictionary Of The Khazars

12 – Milorad Pavic – ‘The Tale Of Adam Ruhani’ – The Dictionary Of The Khazars – Serbia, 1989

Don’t be dissuaded by the fact that  ‘Dictionary’ appears in the title of the book this is non-linear literature finding its form in pseudo-myth, contradictory stories and historical relations too close to cultural truth to be discounted as mere fiction. We tend not to review literature here at Cut And Run, but the good people over at the NY Times thankfully do.

12 – Parashi – ‘Traveling Dream’ – The Book Of Nothing – United States, 2013

An interesting cassette that reminds me more of the classic dub-influenced post-industrial flights of Zoviet France than other contemporary DIY analogue electronics outfits. The track in the video above is another off the same album. Periodically quite rhythmic and worthwhile seeking out. Still available from ((Cave)) Recordings.

13 – Empirical Sleeping Consort – ‘Dream Side – Part II: In The Lap Of Morpheus’ – Aegri Somnia Vana – Canada, 1990

Another rare record available online, this time at Nostalgie de la boue. Unfortunately relatively unknown, even in Canada.

14 – Bene Gesserit – ‘No Rule For A Dream Bali’ – A High, Happy, Perverse And Cynical Cry Of Joy… – Belgium, 1985

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