August 14, 2013 - In With The New

August 14, 2013 – In With The New

Generally new music of interest to Soundscapees. Unapologetically little tying the show together beyond that – it is all I can do these days to simply stay up to date on new material. Whether that is due to the sheer volume of new releases of interest these days, or to my temporarily waning interest is anyone’s guess. Some gems in here nonetheless.

1 – Jason Kahn – ‘Open Space – C – ‘ – Open Space – United States / Switzerland, 2013

I won’t say much, as there are already about 87 million reviews of this release; unsurprising given Kahn’s prolific nature.

2 – Lawrence English – ‘Chamber’ – Suikinkutsu No Katawara Ni – Australia, 2013

3 – Francisco Meirino – ‘Rise-Fall Again-Surrender’ – An Unnecessary Nothingness – Switzerland, 2012

4 – Stephen Cornford  – Untitled [Side A]- Six Tape Machines – England, 2013

A full review of this work will be available here soon.

5 – Vehscle – ‘Systeming V’ – Systeming – Canada, 2013

An unprocessed recording of the interference caused by a security system card reader on a dynamic microphone. This comes from a series of fragmented pieces in mono and stereo throughout the neighbourhood of Cedar Cottage. The amount of modern security technology one is able to encounter in a rather quiet residential neighbourhood is surpising.

Get the full show, as a download or stream, here. It appears the logger at the station is still having issues, so we apologize for the truncation of the program. We are looking into alternatives.