Various - Loopy But Chic - Soft Blend

Various – Loopy But Chic – Soft Blend

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This compilation only recently found its way into my collection (on a side note, paying for an item on eBay to have it dropped through a window at the front of your house 2 hours later is an experience which somewhat happily breaks the fourth wall of the internet marketplace). Having varying degrees of familiarity with some of the compilation’s luminaries encouraged me to seek it out: most notably Vox Populi!, Eduardo Polonio, Bene Gesserit and Vivenza. Encouraging me to share it here were curious works by some of the more esoteric musicians on hand. Tom Furgas contributes a post-industrial take on classical tape experiment, Camino Al Desvan performs some bluesy instrumental synth-pop, Victor Nubla’s ‘Ajetreo Matutino’ is creaky syncopated machine-music which sound both timeless and archaic and is followed in a beautifully thematic fashion by a lo-fi digital gem from M.Nomized.

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The full tracklist:

A1 Leo Marino – Uvas Y Uvas
A2 Horse He’s Sick, The – Know Not Why
A3 Eduardo Polonio – Munodi’s Promenade
A4 E.T. Ben Souf – Thubal Holoferme I
A5 Vox Populi! – Holkar
A6 Psyclones – Live 11/23/84 (Extract 1)
A7 Sergi Caballero – Como Corres, Palmira!
A8 Paul K. – Zvesda! (Extract)
A9 Architects Office – X 0 146 “Kinoks” An Dziga Vertov Gewidmit
A10 Tom Furgas – Orchestra Phase
A11 Camino Al Desvan – Variacion Sobre Un Miercoles III
A12 Gros Phoque Sergio – Fruits
A13 M.A.L. (2) – Recapitulation Part 1
A14 M.A.L. (2) – Recapitulation Part 2
B1 Bene Gesserit – Séquence Spéciale
B2 Victor Nubla – Ajetreo Matutino
B3 M.Nomized – L’Homme Au Chapeau Mou
B4 Horse He’s Sick, The – Snorkel
B5 John Hinds – Contact Edit #1
B6 Jules Nerbard – Le 5ème Livre
B7 FâLX çèrêbRi – Back At Home
B8 Eduardo Polonio – Ataïr
B9 Paul K. – Scottish (Extract)
B10 Psyclones – Live 11/23/84 (Extract 2)
B11 Vivenza – Théorie De La Contradiction 2
B12 Sergi Caballero – Scarlet O’Hara
B13 I Scream – Excerpt From Stress (Recorded In 1975)
B14 Victor Nubla – El Arqueologo En Su Apasionante Busqueda De Blungui-Bli
B15 Tom Furgas – Intentionally Happy