July 31, 2013 - Historic Ecology

July 31, 2013 – Historic Ecology

Ernst Karel - Swiss Mountain Transport Systems

1 – Robin Minard – Monochrome Mix – Canada, 2004

2 – Mark So – ‘Sitting And Listening’ – Split – United States, 2012

As appropriate a piece for the historical context of this show as any; silence interspersed with unassuming natural field recordings made all the more prescient by its recording to magnetic cassette. It simultaneously asks the listener to reevaluate their own surroundings while never quite letting go of its own contributions to that envelope. Fascinating and tormenting and boring and inspiring – everything you’ve come to expect from contemporary music.

3 – Foust! – ‘Jungle Fever’ – Jungle Fever – United States

Some of the IFCO / Swill Radio / Anti-Naturals portfolio I find too . . . noodly (without necessarily being consciously ‘outsider’), some too noisy (without being obnoxious) and some just right (without enabling me to stop listening to it). This is the latter, and I have truly lost count of how many times I have listened to the CD. Perhaps fortunate that it is not pressed to vinyl for that very fact. A sort of in situ performance recording full of everything we have come to love from Scott Foust (this, in fact, being his first solo project) and the aforementioned collective. Fields, rhythm, humid analogue synthesis, spacious dynamics, opera; all in a confoundingly beautiful tone poem in three movements running an epic 77 minutes and 51 seconds. It will pass too quickly, I assure you.

4 – Carlos Casas – Untitled – Aral Field Recordings – Spain, 2011

A full review of this work is available here.

5 – Ernst Karel – ‘Oberterzen-Unterterzen’ – Swiss Mountain Transport Systems – United States, 2011

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