Field Recordings with Constantine Katsiris @ Tin Can Studio

Field Recordings with Constantine Katsiris @ Tin Can Studio

Tin Can Studio on Keefer just west of Main

July 12 at 6:00 PM until July 13 at 11:00 PM

Tin Can Studio is proud to present FIELD RECORDINGS our third artist project as part of our summer residency series at the Chinatown Night Market.

For his residency with Tin Can Studio, Katsiris put out a call to local phonographers to be involved in a collaborative field recording project. With emphasis on local communities and neighborhoods, the recordings aim to encapsulate the current state of the city in 2013 from an audio perspective. Using Tin Can Studio as a home base for brainstorming, exchanging ideas, conducting field recordings, and editing the sounds submitted for the project, Katsiris will create a library of audio snapshots to be mixed into a soundscape collage. The original recordings will be cataloged and uploaded online for posterity and will be presented in the form of an audio installation, a sound intervention and/or a live performance.

As one of the programmers of the Soundscape show on CFRO Co­op Radio, the final results of this project may also be broadcast, and possibly published in their ongoing compilation series focusing on sound artists in Vancouver.

Constantine Katsiris has been working and playing with sound since he was a kid. These days, he maintains an artistic practice working in the field of audio in mediums such as broadcast, installation, fixed media, or live performance. He is also active as the director of a label for sound art and experimental music, as well as an organizer of events at home and abroad. He likes to collaborate with people on creative projects, learning and teaching one-­on­-one or in small groups. His introduction to Tin Can Studio was during 2010 with their pirate radio project.