Toshiya Tsunoda & Civyiu Kkliu – Untitled

Toshiya Tsunoda, Civyiu Kkliu ‎- Untitled 1

Toshiya Tsunoda, Civyiu Kkliu ‎- Untitled 2Toshiya Tsunoda, Civyiu Kkliu ‎- Untitled 3

A long out-of-print double 3″ CDr release on Bremsstrahlung from 2003. The longest of Tsunoda’s trio of works is from his more classical microscopic field recording era – minutely focused and delicate. The other two shorter pieces sound more contemporary, and play on his particular brand of extended microphone and recording techniques. I’m never sure if Civyiu Kkliu simply performs field recordings of the hums emitted by various electronics and machines (111111 in particular is a dead-ringer of a refrigerator compressor), or if the pieces are carefully constructed to mimic those incidental sounds. Whatever the case, the contribution to this split is somewhat more active than the norm, by Civyiu Kkliu’s sparse standards, with subtly emergent beat frequencies and (human?) movements occasionally breaking through the drone. A nice harmonic compliment to Tsunoda’s more challenging disc.

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