April 24, 2013 – Out Of The Woods…

CM von Hausswolff - Matter Transfer

…In the most literal of senses. Not much tying the show together this evening beyond shared recent release dates, and my desire to get to know each of them better (an unabashedly selfish show, I must admit). On a somewhat related note, we collectively apologize for the sparse content on the site as of late. Between absences and regular lives, the site has been (and will be for a couple months) somewhat slow. It will, in regular seasonal fashion, pick up again in time for summer – everyone’s favourite time of year for sitting indoors and searching out arcane music archives.

1 – Andrew Pekler – ‘Alpine Panorama’ – Cover Versions – United States, 2013

The newest release by Pekler on Senufo Editions. A series of 300 unique recycled covers depicting saccharine images of beaches and optimistic lovers, each rendered rather playfully with identifying text and labels stickered over in technicolour. The music has a similar mood, full of nearly recognizable hooks and self-destructing loops. Recommended work.

2 – Joshua Bonnetta – ‘Strange Lines And Distances’ [Excerpt] – Strange Lines And Distances – Canada, 2012/2013

An excerpt (see the clip below) from Bonnetta’s most recent video. Since screening at home and overseas, including at the prestigious Berlinale, it is set to be released on Experimedia later this year.

3 – Tomoko Sauvage – ‘Raindrop Exercise’ – Ombrophilia – Japan, 2013

4 – CM von Hausswolff – ‘Matter Transfer’ – Matter Transfer – Sweden, 2013

A nearly instrumental work by von Hausswolff reminiscent of Malfatti’s pointillism with asynchronous tones sweeping across the field of audibility. While occasionally harmonizing, it does so briefly before drifting back into a somewhat queasy slow-motion  also realized as a sound installation in 2009 in Stavanger, Norway.

4 – Nicola Ratti – ‘Cathode Deafness’ – Cathode Deafness – Italy, 2013

With Meirino’s piece. this is one of two releases this evening from Claudio Rocchetti’s increasingly impressive Musica Moderna imprint. You can find our review of a third (Renato Rinaldi’s All ‘Esedra) here.

5 – Francisco Meirino – ‘ Known Testimonies On The Unknown’ – Known Testimonies On The Unknown – Switzerland, 2011

The only release of older lineage on tonight’s show, Meirino has been a consistent favourite of mine the last few months, so you will hopefully pardon the break of theme.

Coppice - Snow

6 – Coppice – ‘Snow’ – Snow – United States, 2013

A release digitally packaged with a variety of their physical editions and just one more reason to head to Future Vessel and check out their newest batch of cassettes (previously excerpted on Soundscape).

The full show, to stream or download, is available here.

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