Vehscle / Naturestudy - Split

Vehscle / Naturestudy – Split

The Vehscle / Naturestudy split cassette has sold out, but has been reissued in digital form at Bandcamp. It features work by British Columbia-based Soundscape / Cut And Run contributor vehscle (Brian Beaudry) and Ohio-based sound artist Naturestudy (Jason Nicolaus). A series of chance online meetings, late night conversations and shared sounds resulted in this effort, originally released on Jeffry Astin’s label Housecraft.

Naturestudy’s side is made poignant by the subtle detailing of instruments and field recordings just audible underneath the hazy drones in the foreground. Vehscle’s half is a series of manipulated field recordings, vinyl-rips and audio books balancing silence with music and harmony with noise.

From the label:

“Hyper-minimal acoustics. Vehscle is like an unknown creature from the deep, coming full force with absolutely no explanation other than a full frontal non-explanation of it’s own distinctly vacant ambiguity. Naturestudy, a.k.a. Jason Nicolaus, presents a flowing, and sometimes, melodic aesthetic; although still untethered to any known reference whatsoever. There is a deep reverence for space on both sides. Prepare yourself for a deeply immersed venture into alien territory.

Edition of 50
Type II cassette
$7 ”
Vehscle - Naturestidy - Split