C4: Media and Interactivity for iOS Workshop @ VIVO

C4: Media and Interactivity for iOS Workshop @ VIVO

May 6, 2013 – 7:00pm – May 15, 2013 – 10:00pm

C4: Media and Interactivity for iOS

C4 is a new creative coding framework that focuses on interactivity, visualization and the relationship between various media. Designed for iOS, C4 makes it extremely easy to create apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod devices. Initially developed as a platform for quickly creating interactive artistic works, C4 is developing into a more broad-based language for other areas such as music and data visualization.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to easily create dynamic animations, and all kinds of media including audio, video, shapes, OpenGL objects and more. In addition to this, participants will learn how to easily add the full suite of iOS gestural interaction to their applications and objects. Furthermore, C4 provides easy access to the camera, as well as access to the compass, motion, acceleration, proximity and light sensors.

In this workshop, participants will rapidly prototype interactive animated interfaces on iOS devices. After being introduced to C4, participants will be given the opportunity to explore and create a project of their own choosing with guided expertise from the instructor. Along the way, participants will be introduced to the larger C4 community through their participation on various social networks, the Stackoverflow community-moderated Q&A forum, and will also be shown how to access and share code on Github.

Session I: Gestalt C4
Through an exercise that will have participants create gestalt imagery, this session will challenge participants to learn animation techniques and how to work with shape objects.

Session II: Media Mashup
In this session participants will be challenged to integrate images, audio and video into the gestalt works they created and build upon what they learned in the previous session. At the end of the session participants will be asked to think about a directed project they want to create.

Session III: Interactivity & Directed Projects
The focus for this session will be on integrating touch and gestural interaction with the objects and media that were introduced in Sessions 1 & 2. participants will choose and begin working their own directed projects.

Session IV: Directed Projects
In this session participants will continue working on their directed projects. New concepts and specific techniques that arise through their experimentation will be discussed.

Prerequisites: Participants with any level of programming knowledge are invited to participate in this workshop.Should participants wish to work on their own laptops, they should install the following software: Xcode 4.3.x (which requires OSX 10.7 Lion).If you wish to create apps for your own iOS device, please sign up for an Apple Developer account prior to attending the workshop.
Duration: 4 sessions: total 12 hours
Schedule: Mon/Wed, May 6, 8, 13 & 15, 7-10  PM
Cost: $220 or $175 with VIVO Producer Membership (Extended)

To sign up email us at education@vivomediaarts.com or call 604.872.8337/ext.1

Instructor: Travis Kirton

More info at http://www.c4ios.com/about/