February 13, 2013 - BEST OF...

February 13, 2013 – BEST OF…

Looking through some top ten (or hundred) lists of 2012 last month, two things struck me. First, the prevalence of introductions to the effect of ‘I find top ten lists trite, but here is mine.’ And second, we never had one here. I like lists. Long lists that require lots of inane shufflings of rank, a priori justifications and emotional confusion. I think they’re great. So tonight I present Soundscape / Cut And Run’s . . .

BEST OF 2013!

It’s been a short year, but a gooder. A few of these remain unreleased (cheating?), so we will keep you in the loop on their pending publication. In no particular order (definitely cheating).

1 – Michael Pisaro – ‘The Punishment Of The Tribe By Its Elders’ – The Punishment Of The Tribe By Its Elders – United States, 2013

A host of reviews have already been posted, so I will spare you my thoughts. You can head to Tiny Mix Tapes or Dusted Reviews for a selection of those.

2 – Francisco Lopez – ‘Heitsi-Eibib-Rec’ – Heitsi-Eibib-Rec – Spain, 2013

A series mechanical-sounding field recordings assembled into a diverse composition. Available for free from Yugen Art.

3 – Kevin CK Lo – ‘Let Them All Hang From Ceilings’ – [Unreleased] – Australia, 2013

A track from a hopefully soon to be released series of recordings comprised largely of violin via contact microphones. Equal parts aggressive staccato thrusts, softly rhythmic sawing and rustling textures. The piece is heard best in headphones, where the stereo separation of the recording is most apparent and enthralling. Looking forward to hearing more…

4 – Josh Rose – Untitled No. 5 (CoV BY-LAW 6555) – Audio Art Volumes 7, 8, 9 – Canada, 2013

This piece is sourced exclusively from the public reading of the City of Vancouver’s by-law on noise control, and is one of the highlights of the soon to be released compilation of residencies and commissions from the Media Arts Committee studio at the CFRO station. Soundscape will be hosting the CD release party on March 13th – details are posted here.

5 – Autechre – ‘Tuinorizn’ – Exai – United Kingdom, 2013

It has been some time since I’ve been interested in Autechre‘s work, but this release is a bit of a turn. I may be completely off base, but it sounds like a play-by-play deconstruction of every contemporary dance music style on the scene today. Each track is an archetypal example of garage, reggaeton or what-have-you, with its guts turned inside out and churned in Autechre’s now equally archetypal stochastic and generative style. The most engaging element for me is that the formative elements of the styles are still recognizable and often nearly danceable. Nothing will beat Confield for this classicist, or their project with The Hafler Trio for pure exoticism, but its good to hear veteran artists still breaking relatively new ground.

6 – AGF – Extimicy (2013 Mix) – [Unreleased] – Finland, 2013

Antye only very recently joined Soundcloud (I was unaware of the fact until the day of this show), and some interesting remarks on her hesitancy to embrace social media in general are printed there. She has so far posted largely unreleased material – which is of special interest in her case, being an artist whose work is so much a product of its political and historical context.

7 – Micheal Esposito & Scanner – ‘Chatter Of The Eternal Return’ – Chatter Of The Eternal Return – United States, 2013

An upcoming gorgeous flexidisc by a wholly natural pairing of musicians.

8 – Ma Kyaw Bala, Ma Sein Myine, & Ma Chin Yone – ‘Untitled Trio Part 1’ – Burma, 2013

Sublime Frequencies again heading into reissue territory with an appropriately-timed collection of 78s from Burma.

Get the full show, as a stream or download, here.