Eric Lunde / Trait Logistical Acoustics Division ‎- Athens Recording Field

Eric Lunde / Trait Logistical Acoustics Division ‎- Athens Recording Field

‘Field recording or recording field? Out and about recording sounds occurring in a given environment or introducing audio events in a recording field, describing both an ontological state and potential of recording. These can easily be confused. The action can be used to either record benign sounds already occurring or to introduce sounds that may or may not occur.’

A triple cassette release packaged in an olive drab bag painted in red ink – perhaps to hold a gas mask? Recording device? The rest of your cassettes? I believe the appearance of cassette-totes at parties and clubs would surely be a prescient fashion statement.

A series of improvisations, fields and other miscellanies of sound which all add up to a messy and occasionally raucous diary of Trait Logistical Acoustic Division’s (here Cary WhitleyEric LundeJimmy DeRothJulia Cross and Leslie Grove) journeys through Athens and Atlanta, Georgia. Expect the usual low fidelity noise assaults, but hold out for eerie improvisations in the field and spoken word as well.

An edition of 33 long out of print and unavailable (as the majority of Lunde’s catalog tends to be). If you act fast, you can find his newest material at Trait Media Works. In the meantime . . .

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