January 30, 2013 - Over Looked

January 30, 2013 – Over Looked

A collection from the corners – misplaced albums and intentions. A return to a more familiar aesthetic, produced by less familiar artists.

1 – Duul_Drv – ‘A Range Of Outward Emotions On An Awkward Day’ – Fade With Consequence – Canada, 2003

Unfortunately not very prolific (at least with music, though he also practices painting), S. Arden Hill had a few excellent releases between 2002 and 2003: including this one from m/OAR.

2 – Dakim – Untitled – 34 Fragments – United States, 2012

Better known for producing dance music, Dakim here presents us with a low-fidelity diary of his wanderings through the public transit system in the San Francisco Bay area. Make what you will of his notes, and the music, but it is certainly unlike much else you will hear . . . anywhere.

3 – Joyce Hinterding – ‘Spectral’ – Spectral – Australia, 2003

As far as I know, Hinterding released only this album on Antiopic / Sigma Editions. Rather unfortunate as this one example of her work is subtle and hypnotic.

4 – Asférico – ‘Sonidos Del Subconsciente’ – Sonidos Del Subconsciente – Italy, 2012

Another artist identified primarily as a dance music producer, making his first foray into electroacoustics. I could have sworn I played this at the end of last year, though I may simply be confusing the time I spent with it for a review with actually using it for Soundscape. You can read the full review here.

5 – Reizen – Untitled – Reizen – Japan, 2011

I would not have heard of this album were it not being distributed by Ben Owen at Winds Measure Recordings. A few other pieces on the originally self-released album are clearly guitar based, and sound somewhat self-consciously ‘experimental’. This piece, however, is a spectacular exercise in restraint and trust in instinct. A kind of manufactured landscape that made me search out the rest of Reizen’s (so far) small catalogue.

Relatedly, I should have an order of the newest material from Winds Measure and Senufo on the way soon, so stay posted for reviews and air-time on two of the most worthwhile imprints our little community has.

Get the full show (streaming or for download) here.