Tomoko Sauvage And Gilles Aubry ‎– Apam Napat

Apam Napat

Gilles Aubry, though not terribly prolific, has one of the more diverse musical portfolios of the last decade. Here we find him sometimes subtly, sometimes not, sampling and mixing recordings of Tomoko Sauvagé‘s porcelain bowls. While the structures of the pieces meander a bit too much for my taste (most notably on ‘Undercurrent’), the texture of the attack and decay of the bowls themselves (sounding almost exactly like metal Baoding balls) is a thing of beauty. Aubry’s digitization of the softly percussive tones, occasionally almost ring-modulated, adds some tension to music that would otherwise stray dangerously close to new age territory, and actually makes for a well-balanced listen.

Made unavailable with the closing of Musica Excentrica (a re-up theme this week).

Get it here.

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