Kenneth Kirschner ‎– 10/19/06 Fragments

Kenneth Kirschner ‎– 10/19/06 Fragments

From the notes:

‘Designed to be played in shuffle mode, this new selection of fragments offers an indeterminate counter-narrative to the previously published (on Kirschner’s official site) version of “October 19, 2006“.’

The (I assume) piano used as a sound source is treated to constructively and destructively interfering processes, leaving simple harmonic beds behind. Played as intended, there is a Malfattiesque sort of slow-form pointillism, with an odd undulating rhythm produced by the rising and falling of amplitude with silence. The random shifting of keys has some interesting retroactive effects on the harmonic scales of prior segments, though it can also feel arbitrary or incomplete. It is, after all, titled Fragments. 

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